Essay Writing

Essay Writing

Testing and Grading is a useful tool for educators and it helps children grow up to be good citizens. Some educators have reported that testing and grading is bad for self esteem and should be taken away from learning. Despite various debates, prescription that are meant for best practice however tends to remain elusive. As much as teachers try to come up with policies, the practices tend to vary widely. These variations in grading and testing make different students to develop different skills in different fields. Grading can be said to be a professional judgment on the part of teachers that entails collection and students evaluation on their evidence and understanding (Salend, 2009). Using various information and analysis students’ performance are always converted into marks and thus come up with grades so as to compliment student performance. Grading allows students to compete internally and externally and thus boosts the competition in various schools. Grading is a very important tool in education and should be a consideration in educational assessment. Grading ignites standard of measurement thus setting a competitive relationship among students who are receiving the grades. Testing and grading needs inherently subjective analysis and judgment. This subjectivity ignites results as most students will have to work hard so as to realize better results. Teachers are able to know students from different dimensions as they are able to weigh them using the given test and grading (Arends, 2008). The fact that grading is subjective, it does not mean that grading lacks the aspect of credibility and is not defensive.



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