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Asset Management

Asset Management Software

AssetSure – is a software solution that manages your property data using a powerful database and map display. It is a web based solution which will have typical users such as Business Manager, Facilities Manager, Maintenance & IT staff and other Administration staff. It is easy to use and fully supported by Murrey Soft.


AssetSure allows organisations through its features to:

  • Visualise key asset information in a user friendly web based system
  • Make more informed decisions on operational issues and corporate knowledge base for asset and building information

Our Strenghts


A comprehensive system capable of facilitating planning, project management, maintenance, financial and operational administration for every school (from one teacher schools to large multi-campus high schools)


Display key property and asset data you need to manage the school property portfolio for maintenance, refurbishment, contracting, development & planning


The system’s geospatial functionality could enable the department’s land and built assets to be spatially represented for the benefit of government planning and decision making.


Maintains key facts about the site, building, room or asset features via simple one click queries


All data is accessible interactive reporting and easy to export to popular word processing formats  e.g. Excel, PDF or MS Word


Assist in maintaining and monitoring the life-cycle maintenance of all the school facilities in the Department’s infrastructure asset portfolio.


AssetSure will be capable of hosting the total infrastructure portfolio of the Department. This enables the department to access facility data from one central host.


Standard reports can be generated from the AssetSure which can enable the Department report effectively and accurately to the National Treasury, Provincial Treasury, National Department of Education and the Premier’s Office.


The AssetSure is capable of providing a standard reporting format custom-made for the Department whereby Implementing Agents were reporting financial and construction progress on their different programmes.


Infrastructure management made easy!

For more information on AssetSure and its capabilities please send us an enquiry…